***Freddy´s Lotterie***

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***Freddy´s Lotterie***
Freddy`s Bank

What are the rules to play?
The value of your bought tickets will go into the Jackpot. The Jackpot already holds 250.00 Gold Münzen per round. The more players the round will have, the higher the Jackpot will be of course. After the draw period, a winner (or even none) is selected by random. If no one wins, the Jackpot will grow even more. So good luck!

***Freddy´s Lotterie***
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Sold tickets up to now0
Number of players up to now0
Ticket costs10.00 Gold Münzen
Max. number of tickets50
Jackpot4,520.00 Gold Münzen
Next Draw31. May 2020, 15:40
The last winner wasNo winner this time

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